Cosmetics Corner

I have posted this a couple of times on the Project Wedding site.  Even before I became engaged, I helped other brides with makeup tips and tricks for their wedding day and/or other events.  I've decided to share my knowledge here as well.  My tips and tricks are for my bridal party, wedding attendents, all my followers, and all my lurkers. :-)  Over the next couple of weeks, I will post videos and series posts on skincare and makeup application.  So please check back often.

 Oh,....did I forget to mention,... I'm a freelance makeup artist.  Here is a little background on me.  I have worked for two wellknown cosmetic companies and trained by the best of the best.  I also worked as one of the makeup artists for a fashion show hosted by a retired professional basketball player. {Sorry, no online name dropping... you will have to ask me}  Recently, I worked as a MUA for a few weddings and was asked to partner with an Atlanta based photographer for engagement photo shoots.  How exciting is that?!?!?!  So I am very qualified to offer tips and tricks.

If you have any questions or need makup advice, please feel free to comment and/or send me an email.


{P.S. - I need to get some pictures up.  I don't want to have a words-only blog.   I will upload pictures shortly...please stay tuned}. 

Brushes (Brand) I Use Often/ Recommend:
  • MAC
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Sonia Kashuk (Target)
  • Studio Tools (Target)