Thursday, April 28, 2011

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So, I just started following "AwesomeAlly" {PDub Hostess} on her new blog "In The Sky With Diamonds". Can I just say, I love her blog. At first glance, I knew that I was hooked. She is currently doing a "30 Day Challenge" that had me intrigued. So like I do when I start following any blog, I went to the very first post and started reading them in order.

Two minutes into reading the first post, I decided to take on some of the items "Ally" was doing for a month. Not all, but some of the items. I decided to switch it up a bit. I also decided to ask everyone that posts on here to respond to these questions. I think that will be cool.

My Responses:

  1. The meaning of your blog name. Responded here.

  2. What nickname do you have and how did you get it. I don't have a nickname. Oh wait, I do. Rod calls me "NERD". I will let him explain. :-)

  3. A habit you wish you didn't have. Not putting things back where I found it. It's funny,... at work and in general I am really organized/ neat but when it comes to my home... let's just say I struggle. I hate cleaning. I am working hard at changing that. :-)

  4. Your favorite movies. Love Jones, The Karate Kit {Old/New}, The Prince of Pursia

  5. Your favorite place you have traveled to. Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, Cozemel, Belize {to name a few}

  6. Your favorite TV Shows. Grey's Anatomy, Nikita, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol {love/hate relationship}, The Vampire Diaries

  7. Your latest purchase. Engagement Party outfit

  8. Your pet peeves. Nicknames {Ha!!!}

  9. Your favorite hobbies. Clay florals/ Bridal Makeup {not a hobby but my business}, photograpy

  10. Something you crave a lot. Laffy Taffy, Welch's Fruit Snacks, and ice cream {which reminds me, I need to cut back} :-)

  11. Your favorite place to eat. Landon's, Orient Express

  12. What's in your purse. My makeup case, wallet, deodorant {because you never know when you will leave your house without putting it on}, keys

  13. Your guilty pleasure. Youtube {my fiance got me hooked!!!}, Project Wedding

  14. Something that is important to you. Friends and Family {I have a small group of friends because I have such a large family}

  15. Your 3 favorite songs. Here and Now ~ Luther Vandross {Never gets old} - When I think about my wedding day {it won't be one of the songs}, In the Midst of it All ~ Yolanda Adams - When I'm in turmoil, and all of the Hidden Beach R&B/ HIP HOP Remixes - When I want to relax.

  16. Best concert that you have been to. New Edition {all of them}, Genuwine, and KC & Jo Jo {they were all on one stage... back, to back, to back} The best concert ever!!!
Thank you Ally for the great inspiration. To follow Ally, please go here.

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